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María Agnes Salah, Mónica van der Schraft, Liat Tapia, Patricio Rámila

Chile     Arbitration

Alessandri successfully hosts first CEIA-40 meeting in Santiago  

May 17, 2024

Alessandri Abogados - Arbitration experts met in Santiago to discuss the impact and enforceability of escalation clauses at the successful first meeting of the CEIA-40.

The CEIA-40 group, in collaboration with Alessandri Abogados and FK Economics, convened a group of arbitration experts at its first meeting in Chile to discuss the impact and enforceability of escalation clauses. The event, entitled "The elephant in the room: effects and enforceability of staggered clauses", took place on Thursday 2 May at the offices of Alessandri Abogados in Santiago de Chile.

The panel consisted of lawyers Mónica van der Schraft (Garrigues), Diego Navarrete (Ortuzar, Vergara, Boetsch) and Liat Tapia (Ugarte & Correa) and was moderated by Patricio Rámila, Partner at Alessandri and -40 of the Chilean chapter of the CEIA delegate.

The discussion covered various topics related to escalation clauses, such as their main characteristics, their typology and conceptual nature, penalties for non-compliance (jurisdiction or admissibility?), and ended with a commentary on the local reality and some practical advice for drafting this type of clause.



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