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LATIN COUNSEL successfully sponsors a new edition of the training and professional development course "Structure of an M&A Deal"

Rodolfo Papa

LATIN COUNSEL was pleased to sponsor a new edition of the international training and professional development course "Structure of an M&A Deal" (Fifth Edition), which took place from 23 to 26 January 2024.

The Continuing Education Centre of SIJUSA (Panama), has organised the fifth edition of the international training and professional development course (in remote format): "Structure of an M&A Deal".

Despite the growth of this type of deals (whether concluded by exclusively local parties or with common law counterparts), in the vast majority of Latin American jurisdictions, there is still a scarce supply of training tools specifically designed to train corporate lawyers, with the aim of maximising their performance -both individually and collectively- in their development.

This innovative product analyses, in detail, the stages through which the transfer of a controlling interest in a target company is instrumented, either in a strictly local scenario or, alternatively, involving foreign companies or investors.

Attendance to this training and theoretical-practical training activity is ideal for Latin American lawyers (or students about to graduate) who are starting their professional practice in the corporate world, as well as for those legal professionals with specialisation in certain areas (labour, antitrust, litigation, intellectual property, real estate, corporate compliance, among others), who usually participate in its implementation, particularly during the due diligence stage.

In its five editions, in-house corporate lawyers and members of leading firms from the following jurisdictions have participated: Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, and Peru, respectively.

The course consists of 4 sessions -theoretical-practical and interactive-, transmitted "live" through the ZOOM platform.

The course has been taught by Rodolfo G. Papa, a corporate lawyer specialised in the structuring of M&A transactions, author, international academic and correspondent of Latin Counsel in Argentina.

Rodolfo shares with us, below, a reflection on the recent delivery of this new edition of the course:

"...We are very happy, together with the SIJUSA (Panama) team, to have been able to deliver this fifth edition of the course, at the beginning of the year 2024, which has already been attended by dozens of corporate lawyers from most Latin American jurisdictions. Obviously, in each edition we add more content and updates on such a dynamic and complex subject in the world of corporate business, such as M&A transactions, whose scope often exceeds the "local law", as we usually advise common law investors. The course is ideal for those corporate lawyers, who are starting their professional practice in leading Latin American firms and companies. The investment required for registration is very competitive, due to all the contents you will receive.

In the last edition, held just 3 weeks ago, corporate lawyers from leading firms in: Panama, Dominican Republic and Ecuador, and also, two accountants, which reaffirms the interdisciplinary essence of this type of transactions, in which professionals from the world of Law and Economic Sciences participate interactively and in coordination, especially during the dynamics of the due diligence...".

The course is also available to be delivered in "in-house" format, for the benefit of law firms and organisations that provide professional services in the conclusion of this type of deals. In fact, it has been successfully delivered in-company for leading law firms in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Uruguay.

To access complete information on the characteristics and contents of the course, please click on the following link.

LATIN COUNSEL has collaborated with the international dissemination of this professional training event, as Media Sponsor.

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