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Guatemala’s President-elect Bernardo Arévalo presents his cabinet of ministers just days before taking office

Marina Vanni

On Monday, January 8, Guatemala’s president-elect, Bernardo Arévalo, presented the officials who will accompany him in his administration, which begins on January 14.

The president gave a press conference together with vice-president-elect Karin Herrera at the Teatro de Cámara Centro Cultural Miguel Ángel Asturias and highlighted the gender equity within his team.

"This historic cabinet of capable and brave men and women who stepped forward to work with you and for you, will be the first parity cabinet in the history of Guatemala", said Arevalo on Twitter/X.

Francisco Jiménez, a specialist in Citizen Security, will head the Ministry of the Interior. Meanwhile, diplomat Carlos Ramiro Martínez Alvarado, who had represented Guatemala before the United Nations Office, will serve as Minister of Foreign Affairs. In addition, Brigadier General Henry Saenz Ramos will head the Ministry of National Defense.

Jonathan Menkos, an economist focused on development policies, will head the Ministry of Public Finance, while Gabriela García Quinn, with a background in trade and investment, will lead the Economy portfolio.

The remaining ministries are as follows: Jazmín de la Vega Espinoza (Communications, Infrastructure and Housing), Anabella Giracca (Education), Miriam Roquel (Labor and Social Welfare), Anayté Guardado (Energy and Mines), Óscar Cordón (Public Health and Social Assistance), Maynor Estrada Rosales (Agriculture, Livestock and Food), Liwy Grazioso (Culture and Sports), María José Iturbide (Environment and Natural Resources), Abelardo Pinto Moscoso (Social Development).

"Together with this great team we have the task of recovering the institutions, putting a stop to corruption and guaranteeing development for Guatemala," concluded Arévalo in his message on social networks.

The change of command comes at a particular moment for the country, as the party of the upcoming government, Movimiento Semilla, faces different judicial questionings. Currently, the Public Ministry is leading investigations into alleged irregularities in the party’s finances and the electoral process, among other issues.

However, entities such as the Organization of American States and the European Union have expressed their support to Arevalo, who denounces a persecution of his person and his political force.

Author: Marina Vanni

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