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"Unequal Rights": Abogadas Mx presents its first report on gender disparities in the legal field in Mexico

Mexico City - As part of its 10th anniversary, Abogadas MX, in collaboration with Data Cívica and the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness, presents for the first time the report "Derecho desigual: las brechas en la abogacía en México" ("Unequal Rights: the gender gap in the law practice in Mexico") which provides, from an intersectional perspective, data on the persistent inequalities faced by women in the legal field in Mexico, with the purpose of establishing the foundations for understanding gender differences and inequalities in job opportunities.

The report analyzes key data that delve into inequality, including:

● Salary Gap: In the private sector, female lawyers earn on average 41% less than their male colleagues, the largest gap within the legal profession.

● Labor Market Participation: although it is possible to speak of gender parity in law studies, the representation of women decreases significantly when considering their practice in the legal profession. 82.5% of trained male lawyers participate in the labor market, while only 68.8% of women with this training do so.

● Training and Opportunities: Differences in academic training impact job opportunities. Those who studied at private universities (51%) face different realities than their colleagues at public institutions (49%). For every peso earned by a female lawyer who studied at a private university, a female lawyer who studied at a public university earns on average 12 cents less.

● Violence and Discrimination: Women lawyers suffer various forms of violence and discrimination, with the private sector having the highest rates. 15.8% have experienced dismissal or non-renewal of contract due to pregnancy in the last 5 years. Among women lawyers in the private sector, 11% have been groped, kissed or touched without their consent and 20% have been told rude or offensive compliments at one of their jobs.

● Women lawyers and caregiving: On average, women working as lawyers spend 15.5 hours per week on unpaid caregiving work, three times more than men in this occupation. "This report is not only a call for reflection, but a catalyst for change. The platform that we present today and where this data is hosted, provides us with the tool to implement effective policies and contribute to transform the legal sector into a safe, inclusive and diverse space," says Antonia Rodriguez, Executive Director of Abogadas MX.

To explore the platform showcasing the report, click here.


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