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First Global LegalTech Hub event celebrated in Italy   

May 29, 2024

Milan, 29 May 2024 - The first Global LegalTech Hub (GLTH) face-to-face event in Italy, held on 28 May at Spazio Chiossetto in Milan, was a resounding success, thanks to the large attendance and the participation of leading professionals from the Italian legaltech sector and the collaboration of Guifré Francis Lefebvre, a company belonging to the Lefebvre Sarrut group.

A day of innovation and connection

The day began with a cooffe-welcome that allowed the participants to start networking in a relaxed atmosphere. The official reception was given by Giuseppe Vaciago, from the Consiglio dell Ordine of Milan, and Albert Ferré, International Vice-President of GLTH, who highlighted the importance of ‘connecting people who are leading technological innovation in the legal field’.

The event consisted of two roundtables focused on both law firms and legal departments. The first roundtable, entitled ‘The latest technological developments in law firms in Italy and the world’, featured a panel of top experts: Stefano Garisto (Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre) as moderator, Francesc Muñoz (Cuatrecasas), Luigi Cominelli (Legalsoftech - ADVANT Nctm) and Massimo Sterpi (Gianni & Origoni). Topics such as Ai, automation, innovation and, above all, the challenges and opportunities that legal technology will generate in law firms in the coming years were discussed.

The second round table focused on analysing the current needs of the legal departments of Italian companies, as well as the most important challenges and technological solutions in the national and international legaltech market. This space certainly left no one indifferent with the participation of Carlotta Bonanomi (Google) as moderator, Alessandro Renna (4cLegal), Alessandro Del Bono (Deloitte Legal Italia), Gaia Lorenzato (Iubenda) and Andrea Simboli (DiliTrust).

The event has exceeded all expectations of attendance, demonstrating the great interest and need for innovation in the legal sector in Italy. Albert Ferré, Vice President of GLTH, expressed his satisfaction: ‘This event is the first of many to come, our commitment is to create a global legaltech ecosystem and Italy has to be on the map, today we have connected with great colleagues, with good projects and eager to collaborate with the legaltech world.’

Stefano Garisto (Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre), explained that ‘The participation and interest shown at this event testifies to the unstoppable momentum towards digitisation and modernisation of the legal sector. I am excited to see how these innovations will transform the daily work of legal professionals and companies that, like us, offer legal products and services.’

Carlotta Bonanomi (Google) added: ‘Events like this are crucial to foster dialogue and collaboration between technology and law. The adoption of technological tools in the legal field not only improves efficiency, but also expands business opportunities.’

Francesc Muñoz (Cuatrecasas) stressed that ‘the integration of technology in legal services is unstoppable and non-negotiable! This event has been an excellent platform to connect with colleagues, and to share knowledge and experiences that will help drive this transformation’.

The success of this event would not have been possible without the support of sponsors and partners; the GLTH has especially thanked the Europe alliances team of Diana Vaccaro and Simonetta Buccellato from Lextranslate as well as the Lefebvre Sarrut Group and Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre, as well as Vlex, Cuatrecasas, Legalsoftech - ADVANT Nctm, Gianni & Origoni, Google, 4cLegal, Deloitte Legal Italia, Iubenda, and DiliTrust for their invaluable support.

About the Global LegalTech Hub (GLTH)

Global LegalTech Hub is a global non-profit entity that drives the creation of a global ecosystem that connects the initiatives of thousands of actors that make up the legaltech and legal innovation universe: professionals, startups, companies, institutions, hubs and academia.
The entity currently has more than 500 members globally. The GLTH defines itself as a neutral point and the largest space for professional, academic and technological coopetition in global legaltech.


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