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Neosmart and Latin Counsel join forces to integrate ethical AI into the legal sector

According to a Goldman Sachs report, the legal sector is the second most susceptible to automation through artificial intelligence, with 44% of its tasks exposed, second only to the office and administrative support industry. The disruption brought about by AI has a cross-cutting impact and is leading to a redefinition of many industries and functions, including the promise to profoundly transform the legal sector, enabling the analysis of large volumes of legal documents with an accuracy and speed that often surpasses human capabilities.

Therefore, during the Mergers and Acquisitions in Latin America event, held in Miami and organised by the International Bar Association’s Latin American Regional Forum together with the IBA’s Corporate Law and Mergers and Acquisitions Committee, Neosmart signed a partnership agreement with Latin Counsel for the next three years.

Neosmart offers training and expert content dissemination services for the implementation of Generative Artificial Intelligence in companies.

These services are offered through two channels: Neosmart Labs, dedicated to the research and generation of informative content on the application of AI, and Neosmart Academy, which offers customised training on AI concepts and their application through practical and strategic learning.

A dedicated Neosmart research team compiles the latest developments in AI regulation, use cases, risk mitigation and tools, simplifying complex content for adaptation into new educational and outreach formats such as podcasts, video podcasts, newsletters, articles and educational pills.

About Neosmart

Neosmart was created by IQube, an entity dedicated to the development of companies specialising in AI services, which announced its market launch last January with a pre-seed round of two million euros.
Jose Manuel Mateu Ros, founder and CEO of IQube and its subsidiary Neosmart, has highlighted the differential value of a platform like Neosmart; "it allows us to be the first to decipher the complexity of Artificial Intelligence to help companies in various sectors, we are at a time when the AI market is experiencing unprecedented growth so the demand for highly qualified talent is increasing and with it, also increases the shortage of profiles. Our platform guarantees comprehensive training for companies to transform their employees into the highly qualified professionals they need, while at the same time boosting their professional development with content they can apply on a daily basis".

Latin Counsel is pleased to establish a strategic alliance with a platform that trains companies so that their capacity for expansion grows at the same pace as technological changes.  This collaboration also ensures access to AI information and training so that Latin Counsel’s lawyers and associated law firms can provide a more efficient and better quality service to their clients.

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